glmSparseNet – Network Centrality Metrics for Elastic-Net Regularized Model

tDBN – Polynomial-time algorithm for learning optimal tree-augmented dynamic Bayesian networks

MassBlast – A software workflow to accelarate Genome and Transcriptome data analysis.

ORF Finder – Online app that finds the longest Open Reading Frame (ORF) from a nucleotide sequence in all 6 reading frames.

Protein Expression Prediction

BoneSim – software to simulate bone remodelling and therapy


BGFit – A platform with a rich set of dynamic models that can be fitted to experimental time-series data.

SON-EM – Algorithm for parameter estimation of hybrid time-varying parameter systems using Sum of Norms regularization and Expectation Maximization.


KimoSys – A web application for quantitative KInetic MOdels of biological SYStems.


Entropic Profiler (old version also available here)



NASC (non-aligned sequence comparison) toolbox